Welcome to Wireless Leiden's Heatmap. Here you can check for the coverage of (open) wifi connections in Leiden.

On the right, you will find a layer selection panel. Here you can turn layers on or off, depending on what you would like to see displayed on the map.

Above you will see a 'filter' button. Here you can set your own filters.

Below you will see a textfield and a slider. The textfield displays Wireless Leiden nodes on the position where you clicked with your mouse. With the slider you can set the range of the signal strength you would like to have. Based on these values, a new layer will appear showing only the connections within your chosen range.

NOTE: Some features are failing in Internet Explorer. The Features items like ``Node Locations'' are based on VML which is not all properly supported under IE (yet), we are happy to accept patches to fix it


Create your custom layer by choosing the desired filter options on the right and adding it the layer to the list.

For instance, you can choose to create a layer with data measured only by yourself, or with a certain node from Wireless Leiden only.

Start date
End date
Signal strength: 0 - 100


Click on the map for the SSIDs of the Wireless Leiden Nodes on that location.
Signal strength: 0 - 100

Custom Filters